ojobuey is a window in which to stop to observe and understand the world.

Who looks through that window is Nerea Marquez, globetrotter, restless creator, illustrator, lover of different cultures, graphic designer and dancer in her free time. 

Since 2013 she develops her passion in the field of design in a comprehensive and creative way, from closeness and co-creation, working in graphic communication services, information design, publishing, branding and illustration. 

For ojobuey each project is a challenge, and requires the knowledge and view of other people and in those adventures they accompany her: Eider Aldape, Irune Jiménez and Garazi Camino from Maraka, Alex Filiatreau from Apitropik, Marta Ramirez Cores from elmundodecores, Sol Benavente and Pablo Escauriaza, from Hibernando Estudios, Miguel Tomé from Ms. Barrons and Nerea González from nerealand.